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Graffiti and Chewing Gum Removal

Graffiti is unsightly and as a negative effect on the appearance of an area. As a landlord or property owner you’ll want to remove graffiti quickly and effectively.

Our mobile self-contained steam cleaning units can be at your site within hours of you notifying Cobwebs about the graffiti. Our experts can clean the area and then protect the surface against any future acts of vandalism.

Where possible we use steam and pressure to safely remove graffiti. Occasionally chemical treatment is needed such as for the removal of metallic spray paint.

All our cleaning teams are fully trained in the usage of approved chemicals and ensure any waste generated from the graffiti removal is contained and disposed of safely.

If we need to remove graffiti from telecommunications equipment, electrical equipment or street furniture containing either of these we will avoid using water that can damage the equipment. Instead we will remove graffiti by hand.

Listed Buildings or specialist building materials. We are aware that some types of building require extra care and attention and we will consult with you fully before starting the removal process and can carry out a clean test area if required.

As a professional cleaning company we adhere to the code of practice for graffiti removal as set out in section 14 of the London Local Authorities Act 1995. We only use carefully vetted chemicals and technology. With any graffiti removal we will supply you with COSHH data sheets and a full risk assessment.

As well as graffiti removal we are can help remove chewing gum. Chewing gum on pavements makes the locality look unsightly and dirty. Chewing gum also leaves stains and is difficult to remove with conventional cleaning methods.

At Cobwebs Cleaning we use a technique which involves heating up the chewing gum and then removing it from surfaces using a powerful jet wash.

Our chewing gum removal service is applicable for both external and internal areas on concreate, tarmac, brickwork and paved areas.

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