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Industrial and Warehouse

Cobwebs Cleaning are able to provide teams of cleaners for industrial and warehouse spaces from small warehouses to large distribution centres.

Increasingly warehouses, factories, data centres and distribution centres are 24 hour operations, sometimes with sensitive machine equipment contained within the area.

Our professional cleaners are adept at working within these particular constraints and we are able to work to your required schedule of cleaning.

In addition to general industrial cleaning we are also able to clean hard to access areas which require specialist equipment such as scissor lifts and cherry pickers.

Industrial floors are areas that receive heavy use with high volumes of traffic. From time to time ground in dust and grime, oil stains, tyre marks and stains need to be removed.

Using specialist equipment our cleaners are able to transform a floor within hours allowing normal service to resume to the premises. Regular cleaning of floors also ensures premises comply with all health and safety standards and air quality regulations.

As you would expect from a professional cleaning company Cobwebs Cleaning are fully insured, and operators hold IPAF licences where required and adhere to all health and safety requirements.

As well as cleaning of internal areas we are also able to provide external cleaning of windows, walls, guttering and cladding.



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